Paredes: “Accident with Iturbe because of a stunt, I thought I was going to die”

ROME – Paredes and Iturbe risked dying in a car accident in Rome.

This was revealed by the current Paris Saint Germain midfielder during an interview with TyC Sports.

The declarations made by Leandro Paredes are reported by

Iturbe and Perotti, the almost deadly stunt after the Ozuna concert.

“I thought about dying, just by chance it didn't become a tragedy.

Juan Manuel Iturbe and Diego Perotti had gone with our wives to an Ozuna concert, each with their own car.

We were returning home, it was late and nobody was on the street:

at a red light we said to pass because the road was deserted, but just when I was about to cross I see a car pass and come right towards me.

I tried to brake, I threw myself to the right but behind it I had Iturbe with his SUV.

I had a small car, at that moment I thought it would crush me.

I thought I was going to die.

In an attempt to dodge Iturbe ended up on two wheels!

When his wife came down she was in a rage, she told us we were crazy.

By pure chance it did not turn out to be a tragic accident ”.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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