Paraguay, 40th birthday in prison for Ronaldinho. His position worsens

ASUNCION (PARAGUAY) – Bad news for Ronaldinho who was forced to spend his fortieth birthday, an important age that is usually celebrated with a party, in prison.

All this because his position has worsened in the past few hours. Ronaldinho was arrested in Paraguay for entering the country, along with his brother, with false documents.

The investigation enters a new phase, with the local prosecutor's office inclined to focus on what he believes may be a money laundering scheme involving the businesswoman who invited the former AC Milan fan to Paraguay, Dalia Lopez.

To this end, investigators will begin to analyze files and messages on the cell phone of Ronaldinho and his brother, Roberto Assis.

According to the prosecutor responsible for the case, Osmar Legal, the relationship between the two brothers and Lopez, the entrepreneur who managed their visit and who met them on arrival at Asuncion airport before they were arrested, is being investigated.

"Our main hypothesis is that the forged documents would have been used for commercial or investment purposes that were not legal," explained Legal, for whom it is "strictly necessary" for Ronaldinho to remain in prison.

The former Golden Ball was arrested with his brother on March 6 while attempting to enter Paraguay with a forged passport.

A judge meanwhile denied the bail and rejected the defense's request to put them under house arrest, arguing that there is a danger of escape for the two suspects. (source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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