Papu Gomez, anecdote of the photo of his son with Cristiano Ronaldo: “It is beautiful, it looks like Ken from Barbie …”

Nice anecdote of Papu Gomez on Cristiano Ronaldo. The son took a picture with the Portuguese. The Atalanta footballer joked about "It looks like Ken from Barbie".

At home Atalanta things are booming so Papu Gomez has found some time to joke about Cristiano Ronaldo too. Although dad makes sparks on the pitch, the idol of Gomez's son is Cr7 himself.

So Gomez arranged the meeting to allow his son to take a photo in the company of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese lent himself kindly. The Atalanta footballer praised Ronaldo not for his technical qualities, which are obviously under everyone's eyes, but for the aesthetic ones.

Ronaldo cares for his physique in a maniacal way and for this reason he reminds Ken of Gomez. Who? The most famous Ken in the world, or the doll. Barbie's inseparable companion.

The declarations made by Papu Gomez to Libres de Humo are reported by

“I asked him if he could take a picture with my son Bauti and I swear, it may seem like a lie, but it's incredible, it looks like a beautiful doll, you don't believe it. It's like Ken, do you know Barbie's? Nice nice".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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