Paolo Tagliavento: “With var I would not have made serious mistakes. I Romanist? Urban myth…”

Paolo Tagliavento var evita errori gravi non sono tifoso romanista

Paolo Tagliavento in the photo Ansa

ROME – The former referee Paolo Tagliavento , vice-president of Ternana, was a guest in the studios of Radio Cusano TV Italia interviewed by the director Gianluca Fabi and has addressed various issues related to his career as a referee, also talking about the Var.

On the Var . "In the last year in which I arbitrated, the Var had just been introduced – said Paolo Tagliavento -. When we started the preparation process I was extremely skeptical for various reasons, the first being that it was my last year and I had done a 10-year journey arbitrating in a certain way, so there was a whole series of things that characterized the figure arbitrator. I was also very skeptical about the timing of the evaluation, about having to stop the game and go see the monitor again.

I do not deny that in my first match with the var I went on the pitch having many doubts and doubts. However, the first 45 minutes of that game were enough to understand the immense potential of this technology. The var would solve the 5 most serious mistakes of my career. He is like the trapeze artist who for years has been used to doing his exercises without a rescue net and suddenly this network has arrived. You know that if you make a mistake you will not fall into the void ”.

On Muntari's goal . "It was certainly one of the most important mistakes of my career. It was a very important match even in a championship and things didn't go the right way. I had a feeling that maybe the ball could have entered, but I had to have certainties that at that time, by position, by type of situation, I didn't have.

Now even the Var would not be useful because with the Gol line technology it would be something very easy to solve. An error like this is worked out first of all by understanding the motivation for which you made the mistake and then we concentrate on work, on the family. With Milan the relationships continued to be good. I also recently reviewed the former at Galliani, because the Ternana played recently with Monza, we also gave ourselves a few jokes. "

On the Rome derby and the Lazio accusations regarding Tagliavento's alleged Romanist sympathies . "It is a legend, probably linked to a statistical factor. I had the luck and the pleasure of refereeing 4 Rome derbies, which I consider the most beautiful challenge of the Italian championship, and in these 4 derbies Roma has won three times.

So for a question of statistics I became the one who won the Rome derbies. Relationship with Totti? Like many other great champions there was a relationship of mutual respect and the respect I give and expect from all the other players ”(source Radio Cusano TV Italia).

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