Paolo Bonolis sided with Commisso: “Juve penalty absurd. The referee really wanted to give it to him … “

Paolo Bonolis si schiera con Commisso: "Rigore Juve assurdo. L'arbitro glielo voleva proprio dare..."

Paolo Bonolis sided with Commisso: “Juve penalty absurd. The referee really wanted to give it to him … "(photo ANSA)

ROME – After Rocco Commisso to sting Juventus have thought of that, again, Paul Bonolis. The TV host, who was a huge fan of Inter, already a couple of weeks ago, during "Avanti un altro", had used irony to attack the Bianconeri: "If the ball hits the referee in any area of ​​the field, play is interrupted … unless it is Juve, "the first. And “if a player scores directly from a throw-in is a goal or is it not a goal? It is not a goal, but it is if … if he plays for Juve ", the second.

Jokes that however immediately sparked controversy on the net. Many Juventus fans complained that they even launched the idea of ​​boycotting Bonolis' programs: "We shouldn't watch his broadcasts anymore."

During an interview granted to the FcInter1908 portal, Bonolis returned to the question: “Next, another is made to smile, if one instead of smiling gets pissed, he has a problem in his soul. They make fun of everyone's commonplaces, I make fun of myself. I have nothing against Juventus fans, but it is commonplace to make certain statements, also and above all for those who are declaredly from another team. But it is to laugh, not out of hatred and hatred. If they don't understand it, they will take care of their souls. They will also be made. "

The conductor then did not fail to tease his rivals again: “For me the first penalty against Fiorentina is there, but the second one sincerely … Among other things, he went to see him at the VAR and gave it to him. Here we are at the levels of Abisso in Fiorentina-Inter. I think it's absurd. I understand you can give it without VAR, but giving it the same with the help of technology means that he really wanted to give it to him … I always await an episode against Juventus, I am always waiting. Sooner or later it will happen. It always happens when the advantage is now safe. " (source FCINTER1908)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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