Paola Egonu: “I have a girlfriend, what’s the problem”

Paola Egonu: "I have a girlfriend, what's the problem"

Paola Egonu: "I have a girlfriend, what's the problem"

ROME – "It was my girlfriend who made me understand that the losses are bad, but they are lessons that must be learned": so, with the naturalness with which it goes to crush in the field, Paola Egonu , fresh vice world champion with the national team Italian volleyball, revealed to the Corriere della Sera his sentimental situation and his sexual orientation. Calling it coming out would be even exaggerated, it was not a confession, let alone a complaint: "it's normal", that's all, and patience if for many it is not.

Even on the so-called multi-ethnic national Paola has her own ideas, which do not necessarily coincide with the general trend. President Mattarella has indicated in the team a "model", for her, even in this case, there is nothing strange: "I am surprised by this reaction – the champion responds to the journalist – We are Italian. For me, having different origins is normal ".

Born in the province of Padua 20 years ago by Nigerian parents, at the age of 13 she moved to Milan to refine her extraordinary talent as a volleyball player. She is a strong woman, on and off the pitch: "I have no regrets because I do not care about the opinion of others". It is itself, impervious to rhetoric and general feelings of one faction rather than the other.

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