Pamela Anderson: “Rami broke my hand.” The images on his website

Pamela Anderson: "Rami mi ha rotto una mano". Le immagini sul suo sito internet

Pamela Anderson: "Rami broke my hand." The images on his website

ROME – Pamela Anderson and Adil Rami officially concluded their romantic relationship in June but their distance response and response continues on the internet. Pamela Anderson has made very serious accusations against Rami through a post published on her website:

"He crushed my hands until they cracked. I told the doctors that I suffered from arthritis, I could not confess to being hurt "" I was forced to go to the hospital because I was suffering too much – the actress added – I could not write or even open a bottle of water "." He hurt me by grabbing me brutally, intimidating me, holding me back with his physical strength. " "Now deny the violence – he wrote – Maybe he doesn't understand what he did. It is not my intention to hurt him. He is angry because now everyone knows the truth. But he is not regretting his violence ”.

Pamela Anderson had already attacked Rami a few days ago with this Instagram post.

"It's hard to accept. The last two years of my life have been a huge lie. Have I been scammed, led to believe that ours was a "great love"? I am devastated to have discovered in the last days that he was living a double life.

He used to joke about other players, he said they had girlfriends on the street in apartments near their wives. Did you call those monster men? He lied to everyone. How it is possible to control the heart and minds of two women in this way. I'm sure there have been others. He is a monster ".

"Narcissists do not change. Sociopaths do not change. I will go on my way, I have always fought for truth and justice, this is my worst nightmare. I was not a very jealous person before meeting him. This hurts me to death ".

Rami denied this attack by Pamela Anderson on Instagram but still did not comment on the speech of the broken hand.

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