Palermo relegated to Serie C. Venice save

Palermo relegated to Serie C (photo Ansa)

Palermo relegated to Serie C (photo Ansa)

ROME – The sentence for Palermo has arrived: relegation to the last place in the classification of the recently concluded Serie B championship and then Serie C. This is the decision of the national federal court of the FIGC on the administrative offense disputed by the prosecutor's office to the Sicilian company . The court instead declared the referral to the former president Zamparini inadmissible.

The viale del Fante company following the sentence will have 48 hours available to appeal to the Court of Appeal, which should then issue the judgment within ten days. Times that go to cross with those of the playoffs, which at this point should almost certainly slip.

The rosanero focus on the admissibility of the case, or on the cancellation or deferral on fifteen points.

How the ranking changes.

In light of the ruling and pending the subsequent grades of court proceedings, Pescara would directly access the play-off semifinals and Perugia would be admitted to the first round. Situation in progress also in key salvation: the relegation of the Palermo would involve the permanence in B of the Venice while it would be the Foggia to challenge the Salernitana in the play-out.

Source: Ansa.


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