Palermo no Serie B, Covisoc rejects it. Ferrero proposes: “I want to buy the club”

Palermo niente Serie B, Covisoc lo boccia. Ferrero si propone: "Voglio acquistare il club"

Palermo no Serie B, Covisoc rejects it. Ferrero proposes: "I want to buy the club". Photo ANSA / RICCARDO ANTIMIANI

PALERMO – Covisoc gave a negative opinion: Palermo was excluded from the Serie B championship due to the absence of the "economic and financial criteria for obtaining the national license for the admission to the Serie B 2019/20 championship" . The supervisory committee on football clubs has contested the lack of the guarantee, of the payment of salaries to the players and of the sports debts towards Le di B and Figc, including the fine of 500 thousand euros imposed for administrative offense.

"For two years I have been following Palermo, we hope it is the right time to take the rosanero club". Thus the owner of Sampdoria , Massimo Ferrero, in an interview with openly declares his intentions to try to take over the rosanero sports title, if the company is excluded from the professional championships. Press reports immediately denied gave Ferrero to Palermo today, but the president of Samp does not plan to arrive in the city immediately.

"I deny, meanwhile, to be in Palermo – says Ferrero -: I am in Rome. I put Sampdoria up for sale and now I want Palermo. That is a city that I love and love Palermo. But there are those who are destabilizing everything right now, other than heart, here we need money, we need euros to make Palermo great again ”.

"I will participate in the announcement and I will do it in a clear way: when it is published I will arrive in the city. – he says – Here we must start from the foundations and we need a lot of money ".

Turning in the negotiation for the sale of Sampdoria: today in London a meeting between Gianluca Vialli and Massimo Ferrero would be scheduled.

From what filters in from environments close to the former Sampdoria bomber, the deal would be well under way: they have been weeks in which the parties have worked with lights off to arrive at a total agreement of 100 million, including debts, with the consortium of Vialli joined by magnates Jamie Dinan and Alex Knaster who continued to insist despite the press release in mid-June announcing the withdrawal of the offer.

The now close sale of defender Joachim Andersen to Lyon for 25 million, plus 5 bonuses, would have unblocked the deal. Despite the rumors, President Ferrero would have denied the meeting (source: Ansa).

The Palermo article no B Series, Covisoc rejects it. Ferrero proposes: "I want to buy the club" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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