Pablo Alvarez and the shirt received as a gift from Ronaldinho: “He asked me not to beat him anymore”

CATANIA – Former Catania footballer Pablo Alvarez told a funny anecdote about Ronaldinho.

Alvarez spoke of an old challenge between his Catania and Ronaldinho's Milan played at San Siro.

The Argentine had the toughest mission to limit the Brazilian phenomenon of Milan.

Alvarez, who today plays in Argentina in Sarandi 's Arsenal , has been able to do nothing but use strong manners.

In the first half the Catania defender managed to control Ronaldinho very well .

We also say that Alvarez was facilitated by an arbitrage which we can define as " English ".

The Milan striker had taken so many kicks that he decided to make a proposal to the Catania player .

Ronaldinho offered Alvarez his shirt in exchange for favorable treatment.

"I'll give you my shirt if you stop hitting me because I can't take it anymore."

The declarations of Pablo Alvarez to Crack Deportivo are reported by

“We were in San Siro, in the changing rooms during the break.

He approached me, took off his shirt and gave it to me, begging me not to beat him again.

It was impossible to stop, it seemed to fly on the field.

One of the best players in football history. "

Alvarez played in Italy, with Catania, from 2008 to 2014 for a total of 124 games without goals.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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