Other than National, Balotelli also criticized by Grosso: “Don’t chase the man …”

Balotelli niente Nazionale, Grosso lo critica non rincorre avversario

Brescia, Mario Balotelli in the photo Ansa

BRESCIA – Debut debut for Fabio Grosso on the Brescia bench. His team collapsed at home against Torino losing four to zero. Disappointing performance for Mario Balotelli. The Brescia striker, who was not even called up by Antonio Conte in the national team, also had to cash in on Grosso's replacement. The reasons for this change are explained by the technician on Sky Sport. Your statements are reported by the Corriere dello Sport.

"How did Mario Balotelli take over? Normally, we were under a man and chasing opponents was not his main characteristic: it was the right change to make. We didn't have the nerve seal and we can't afford it. I reiterated to the boys what I said three days ago, that is, that I believe in their qualities.

We were also contracted at the beginning, struggling to express what he can. If you reach the goal you will do it through the game. I start from the awareness that here will be a difficult and stimulating challenge. We are disappointed and embittered by the result, but we can draw lessons from it. Enthusiasm and carefree will be needed for salvation.

"The double penalty conditioned the game and the red card decided it, but it was avoidable given the previous foul – he explained to the Sky Sport microphones -. I liked the reaction of the recovery, where we could have reopened it, then the third goal cut our legs while we tried to get back on top, from there we became disconnected and this is not good ”.

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