Oriana Sabatini, the mother in tears: “My daughter and Dybala still have coronavirus residues”

TURIN – While Daniele Rugani and Blaise Matuidi are completely cured of the coronavirus, Dybala is still struggling with the disease.

This was revealed by Oriana Sabatini's mother during a direct Instagram on the occasion of her daughter 's birthday.

Oriana's mother is Catherine Amanda Fulop García , known as Catherine Fulop, is a Venezuelan actress, photographer and naturalized Argentine model .

Fulop is anxious because her daughter and Dybala still have coronavirus. Fortunately, now, compared to the beginning, they feel much better.

Oriana had come out, since a swab had failed , but then the next swab had sanctioned her new positivity to the coronavirus .

At first, Dybala and her partner were not feeling well at all and suffered from the symptoms of heavy flu.

Dybala spoke of severe muscle pain and breathing problems that prevented him from training.

Fortunately, the Argentine is now much better and has resumed home training in view of the resumption of training scheduled for May 4th.

Oriana is also much better and, according to her mother's story to the magazine Caras Argentina, she would be ready to undergo another swab, in the hope of her definitive negativity to the coronavirus.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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