Order of Journalists: “We expect the apologies of Conte and Inter”

Ordine dei Giornalisti: "Ci aspettiamo le scuse di Conte e dell'Inter"

Order of Journalists against Antonio Conte (photo Ansa)

ROME – Hard joint statement by the Order of Journalists and the Sports Press Union after Inter 's decision to cancel Antonio Conte's press conference in protest against Il Corriere dello Sport: "Respect in the world of football is one thing serious, the Federal Prosecutor must immediately intervene because to define the attitude of Conte as unacceptable would be without consequences.

Furthermore, provisions are needed, Article 21 of the Constitution comes before any law: arriving at the arrogance of punishing the press as a whole, as well as criticizing a professional like Cucci, is an offense that cannot go unpunished. We expect his apology in the post game and we also ask what a glorious company like Inter thinks of his behavior ”.

Inter's press release. “Yesterday, from the Corriere dello Sport, an offensive letter was published against our coach, justifying the attack in the comment. To give a signal to all the media "which must guarantee respect for people", the press conference will not be held today ".

The letter published by the Corriere dello Sport. “Hi Mister Italo, I enjoy (can you say it?) In seeing the great Inter outclassed by Barcelona B who showed how to play football to that exhausted of his coach. Then hear the two commentators who continued to point out Barella and Sensi's absences! It's okay to save the loaf (salary) you can say anything, but a little honesty wouldn't hurt! They played against Barcelona B! I forgot, I am not a fan of Juventus or of other teams of the first band, but a fan of Bologna, but context this beatification of Conte who in his career, despite the victories, has never shown a good game. Among other things, he complained about the buying campaign but it seems to me that Inter spent more than 150 million (see Lukaku, Sensi, Barella, Lazaro, Sanchez, Godin etc.) practically more than any other Italian team. But then if you don't beat the Slavia and lose to Borussia Dortmund, what do you expect? ".

Italo Cucci's reply. "To his wickedness I add my own that I am willing to turn into a catchphrase: when they will confess, managers (even friends …) and Inter fans who without Icardi have thrown away the Champions … and maybe the rest too? Slogan: NO ICARDI, NO PARTY ”.

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