Olympics postponed to 2021, Antonio Rossi: “Right, but the date must already be decided”

ROME – The Tokyo 2020 Olympics have been postponed to 2021 due to the emergence of the coronavirus. Antonio Rossi, Olympic champion and undersecretary of major events in the Lombardy Region, interviewed by Radio Cusano Campus explained that it is right to postpone, but a precise date must be chosen. A way to allow athletes to start planning a new do.

Interviewed by the broadcast Italy has woken up, speaking of the decision to postpone the Tokyo Olympics by one year, Rossi said: “I think it was a tasteful decision. I think of the many athletes who are training, preparing for a competition whose date was unknown was not optimal for them. Competing behind closed doors would have brought significant financial damage ”.

The Olympic champion then added: “The fact of having said that a year is postponed is very important, in my opinion the precise date must also be decided so that the athletes can begin to plan the new phase. March is a very important month for the preparation, it is the month in which we enter the heart of the competitive season, so getting to this point and not knowing if there will be races in Italy and abroad was not the best ".

On the situation in Lombardy, Rossi commented: “I am experiencing the situation with great concern. At the beginning there was no such perception of danger, then more and more cases grew more and more close. Medical friends and nurses tell me what the situation is like in the hospitals, they are doing grueling shifts. In the Region with Gallera and the President we analyze the data and we are not yet at the point where the curve is going downhill, so you have to stay at home and respect the rules ".

Rossi added: “Regions powers? There is no dispute between Fontana and the government. The president collects requests from municipalities and trade associations, analyzed by the scientific commission, so the request for further restrictions was not a political request. Now that the government has said that the most restrictive ordinances apply, we understand better what can be done. At first Fontana was mocked because he had worn the mask, if we started immediately with greater restrictions in the first cases we would probably be ahead. But now it is useless to talk about what could be done, it is important to respect the rules that are there ”.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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