Olympics 2026, Milan-Cortina is among the 3 candidates with Stockholm and Calgary

Olympics 2026, Milan-Cortina is among the 3 candidates with Stockholm and Calgary

BUENOS AIRES – Milan and Cortina are among the official candidates for the upcoming Winter Olympics in 2026. The International Olympic Committee (IOC), which met on October 9th in Buenos Aires, has officially announced a 'short list' of three offices, with Calgary and Stockholm in addition to the two Italian cities. These are the cities authorized to present a structured project for the Games to a new IOC session that will take place in Lausanne in 2019. A first 'yes' that has sparked enthusiastic comments from the presidents of Veneto and Lombardy, Luca Zaia and Attilio Fontana , as well as the mayors of the two cities.

The report on the candidates was submitted to the assembly by Vice-President Juan Antonio Samaranch Jr., who stressed that "we are faced with three solid candidates, in cities that have efficient structures, and great experience of international events organizations". Furthermore, he added with satisfaction, "all projects are based on the guidelines outlined in the Agenda 2020".

Talking to journalists during a break in the works, Samaranch confirmed that "Italy counts with organizational skills and professionalism, not only of its managers, but of the whole snow world. In the winter season every week-end events are organized in Italy that have global importance ".

For his part, the president of Coni, Giovanni Malagò, visibly satisfied for the confirmation of the candidacy, clarified that "we had no objection to the cancellation of the IOC session scheduled for Milan in September 2019". "We would not have wanted – he added – that someone could insinuate some favoritism towards us". The session was anticipated in June and will take place in Lausanne, coinciding with the inauguration of the new CIO headquarters.

Interesting is the fact that in the report presented by Samaranch there was attached an opinion poll made with the population of the candidate cities. From this it emerges that 49% of the inhabitants of Stockholm welcome the Games of 2026. The percentage is 54% for Calgary, and rises to 83% for Milan-Cortina. A trend confirmed at regional level in Lombardy (71%) and Veneto (82%). In the morning session IOC had proceeded to the election of nine new individual members, representing representatives of committees and federations, including Malagò himself.

In statements to the ANSA the president of Coni said that "it is the greatest joy I had after the endless pain of Rome 2024". "I consider that President Bach's decision to propose my candidacy – he concluded – shows great respect for Italy and also great consideration in my regard for what I have done since I was president, in defense of the Olympics and the 'Five circles ' ".

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