Nouri leaves coma, Ajax cuts his contract: he is in liquidity crisis due to the coronavirus emergency

AMSTERDAM (HOLLAND) – His story has moved the whole world, a little less Ajax in which he played until a cardiac arrest cut him off, forcing him to two years of coma.

The Dutch club in these hours, according to the Telegraaf, has decided to cancel the tacit agreement for an automatic renewal of the contract of Abdelhak Nouri, 22 year old midfielder who left the coma a few days ago.

The contract of Nouri, talent of the 'lancers' nursery, expires on 1 July 2020; in these two years Ajax has respected it, but now does not intend to grant the automatic extension of one year agreed with the player's agent before the accident.

Ajax mercilessly, the Nouri contract was cut due to the liquidity problems related to the coronavirus emergency.

The decision, the Dutch media emphasize, is also linked to the liquidity crisis of all the football clubs for the coronavirus emergency, but obviously it was not liked by Nouri's family and entourage, which entrusted a lawyer with a negotiation on the subject.

In any case, the Nouri contract is likely to be extended by a few months of office by Fifa, if as the world leaders have already announced the season will have to be prolonged for the coronavirus emergency and it will be necessary to move forward the end of the last season. , now set for June 30th (source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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