Nikola Jokic coronavirus positive, the NBA star attended an event with Djokovic

BELGRADE (SERBIA) – NBA star Nikola Jokic is yet another victim of the Serbian hotbed where tennis player Novak Djokovic was also involved .

Jokic would have tested positive for the coronavirus after attending a basketball event with Djokovic, who in addition to being a tennis player is also a fan of the ball.

In the last few hours, Djokovic's positivity has sparked a sea of ​​controversy because the Serbian tennis player has been the "captain" of the no vax from the start.

The tennis star said that she has no intention of getting vaccinated, that the vegan diet, yoga and the hypobaric chamber are sufficient to safeguard her health for physical recovery after matches and workouts.

After convincingly expressing his point of view, Djokovic himself got the coronavirus.

The Serbian strain has also infected Jokic, an NBA star who earns $ 26 million a year (more than two million a month).

Jokic was polished up ahead of the NBA recovery set for late July. He had lost even 18 kg (evidently in Serbia you eat better than in America …).

Because of his positivity, Jokic is forced to stay in Serbia . The Denver Nuggets took a hit.

The Colorado franchise will not have its highest paid and most representative player for a long time. All the fault of an unnecessary event and attendance with the "no vax" Djokovic.

The Serbian basketball player could return to America behind the competition. Before this sensational defection, the Nuggets were considered among the favorites for final success.

Jokic will only be able to join the other players in the Disneyland 'bubble' in Orlando, Florida, after a complete recovery.

What if it takes almost two months as Dybala ? The Nuggets fans are averting but this news has deeply shaken them.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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