Neymar, the joke on his son during the headshot challenge is hilarious VIDEO

RIO DE JANEIRO (BRAZIL) – Neymar's joke to his son during the coronavirus quarantine is viral on social networks.

The champion of Paris Saint Germain has published the movie on his highly followed social channels.

The striker of the Brazilian national football team challenged his son to a headshot contest .

His son is eight years old and is already in love with football.

In this video, Neymar is seen throwing several ping pong balls at his son.

The child must hit them head- butting them in a basket that is in front of him.

Neymar's son did not do very well and was also the victim of a joke …

At the time of the last throw, Neymar replaced the ping pong ball with an egg.

The rest is easily imaginable.

The curtain ended with the laughter at the top of both.

O'Ney has just won his third consecutive championship with the Paris Saint Germain shirt.

This is because the French football championship has been permanently suspended and the title was assigned to the leaders at the time of the interruption.

But the Paris Saint Germain season is not over anyway because the team is still in the Champions League race (YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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