Neymar, show with beach soccer champion Bello Soares VIDEO

Neymar, show con il campione di beach soccer Bello Soares VIDEO

Neymar and the beach soccer champion Bello Soares (photo from social networks)

RIO DE JANEIRO – For Neymar and the PSG it's time to say goodbye, even if it won't be an easy separation. The Brazilian striker did not show up at the club's retreat, which did not take it well at all, and remained in Brazil to enjoy beach soccer and foot volley.

Not only that, O'Ney is challenging his current club by spreading images of his summer entertainment through social networks. In short, with the proper proportions, the Brazilian is like a schoolboy who marries the school and who challenges the professors by letting them know.

The reaction of the PSG is ready with the sporting director Leonardo who says that the champion "is no longer indispensable to the PSG and can also leave" but of course under the conditions of the company.

In an interview with the newspaper Le Parisien , Leonardo announces penalties for the player for the absence of the rally and invites Barcelona "to come forward and make an offer" if he is interested in Neymar. The telenovela del vado-non vado between Neymar and Psg therefore comes alive after months of signals in the press.

Leonardo states that Neymar "still has a 3-year contract. Since we have not received an offer, we cannot discuss anything. " He adds: "Neymar can leave PSG, if there is an offer that is good for everyone. But until today, we don't know if anyone wants to buy it or at what price. All this is not done in one day, that's for sure … "(source Ansa).

Neymar, where can he go? Real Madrid and Barcelona on the other pole.

The Brazilian striker could return to Spain. He wants Barcelona but at the moment it is Real Madrid that is favored because the blaugrana are engaged in the Griezmann operation which should cost the Catalan club 120 million euros.

Other than the pre-season retreat with the PSG, Neymar has fun on the Brazilian beaches with the beach soccer champion Bello Soares. The video from YouTube.

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