Neymar returns to Paris, but it’s yellow in Brazil: the interview that was to reveal his future was … stolen

Neymar returns to Paris, but it's yellow in Brazil: the interview that was to reveal his future was ... stolen

Brazilian champion Neymar working under the PSG in the photo Ansa)

ROME – "The memory more of my career? The 6-1 of Barcelona to Psg ". Said by Neymar, mister 200 million snatched from his Parisian boat two years ago, he made a certain effect, let's say, especially for the champion's desire to retrace his steps and return as an expensive prodigal son to Messi's court. Yesterday he showed up in Paris with a week of delay for the resumption of training, but the news, which is unbelievable, that the interview where the 6 to 1 provocation was extracted was stolen.

It seems to contain other tasty revelations, that is to say other broadsides to the Psg. The video card of Uol Esporte, a Brazilian broadcaster, has disappeared, someone has stolen it. The journalist Paulo Vergueiro had poured the confidences made to him last Saturday by Neymar, for a second version of the longer and more detailed interview already announced with the great media coverage of the most anticipated events.

A thriller. With grotesque hues. Yes because, in reality, images and words would not have been lost forever. "In fact, our camera – reads the tweet from Oh My Goal, another Brazilian broadcaster – was also on during your interview. So we have all the material that was stolen from you. If you want we will send it to you ". More than a theft, censorship is suspected: who gave the order? The powerful clan run by Neymar father, the sheikhs masters of the PSG, emissaries of the Barca? (source Tgcom24)

The Neymar article returns to Paris, but it is yellow in Brazil: the interview that was to reveal its future was … stolen seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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