Neymar. Another dispute between mother Nadine and boyfriend Tiago (toy boy dating other men)

ROME – The exact date of his return from Brazil is not yet known, but from Rio de Janeiro to Paris where Neymar Jr. are waiting anxiously because the championship is over but the Champions starts again, there is nothing more than the turbulent relationship between his mother Nadine and Tiago, hastily labeled as a toy boy .

Tiago Ramos ended up in the hospital, it seems that after a dispute with Nadine he broke a window in the apartment.

The couple testified that it was an accident .

Tiago is not new to such episodes, Rita Cumplido, 44 , had once obtained from the judge that the boy did not approach his home.

Maybe the pardon of mom Nadine, 52 , was not as solid as the gossip newspapers trumpeted, maybe Tiago Ramos, 23 , was the protagonist of another escapade.

The boy is bisexual, and although fabulous rumors have been denied a flirtation against him with Neymar's cook , his outings, real or presumed, with other boys trigger the inevitable scenes of Nadine, Neymar's mother.

Which, all in all, appears fit, pulled, ready for the strange end of the season. (source Corriere dello Sport)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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