Neymar a dog in Gonzalez’s arms, Payet’s provocative tweet

Neymar a dog in Gonzalez's arms, the provocative tweet of the Marseille player Payet.

It is still Psg-Marseille , Payet provoked Neymar through a tweet that is causing a lot of discussion in France.

Meanwhile, let's take a step back, what happened during Psg-Marseille? Neymar, who was sent off for slapping Gonzalez, accused the opposing player of racist insults.

In short, according to Neymar, he would have lost his head following very heavy racist insults by the Marseille player.

This is Neymar's version but Marseille has already issued a press release in which he categorically denies these racist insults by taking the side of his player.

Meanwhile, on social media, the Marseille players also begin to take a stand. One of them, Payet, accused Neymar of being a cry dog.

Payet didn't use too many words. Before he wrote: "We are an organized gang, Paris is not the capital, it is Marseille …".

Then he published a photomontage taking the sword from the side of his teammate Gonzalez.

What do you see in this photomontage? A little dog, with Neymar's face, in Gonzalez's arms.

In short, according to Payet, Neymar wept for defeat while Gonzalez, compared to him, would be a giant.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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