Nesta: “I don’t feel 100% of the 2006 World Cup. The farewell to Lazio was traumatic “

ROME – During a direct Instagram with Bobo Vieri, Nesta spoke, among other things, of the World Cup won in 2006 and the farewell to Lazio .

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“I don't feel 100% of that World Cup.

I was lucky enough to play in big teams and to win, but when I did I always played real games, so I feel more victories more.

I did two games at the World Cup, the real ones, the most exciting ones were the last against Germany and France ".

“Playing throughout your career at Lazio? At the time I would never have gone away, but then for what I managed to do at Milan it went great.

I remember that two years earlier we played a game with Real Madrid and Hierro said to me 'You have to come to Real', but I said 'No, I'm at Lazio'.

AC Milan allowed me to impose myself at great levels.

The years at Lazio were beautiful, but the last one was very hard.

I was the captain and I was also on the board of directors and I went to meetings to see the balance sheet, but I didn't understand anything.

It had all become too stressful, my classmates asked me for wages and I envied foreigners because they lived the thing for detachment.

Milan was a liberation, it gave me the opportunity to think only of football ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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