Nedved, the son replies to Piccinini on Instagram: “When journalists are journalists …”

Nedved, il figlio risponde a Piccinini su Instagram: "Quando i giornalai fanno i giornalisti..."

Pavel Nedved's son replied to Sandro Piccinini on Instagram: "When journalists are journalists …"

TURIN – Pavel Nedved's son takes sides with his father on Instagram. The Juventus manager ended up in the target of Sandro Piccinini after his declarations on the referees at the end of Juventus-Fiorentina in response to the purple patron Rocco Commisso. Let's reconstruct the story.

Sandro Piccinini attacks Nedved, the replica of the son of the Juventus manager arrives.

Commisso had attacked the arbitration which he said was pro Juventus: “I am disgusted. We cannot show these hogwash abroad. Juventus spends 300 million euros on the squad, it does not need this aid to win matches. "

Nedved criticized Rocco Commisso for his statements on the Juventus-Fiorentina referee: “Commisso has all my respect, but I must say that the referees' apology with Juventus is being used a little too much. He should have tea before saying certain things …

It is said that Juve does not win with merit, we are quite tired of this, because Juve gets results playing well, doing everything on the field to win. So we have to stop when playing against Juve to be an alibi ".

At this point, the journalist Sandro Piccinini took the field against Nedved: “Beyond the merits of today's cases, a free advice to Juventus: to make the moral to others about the behavior to be followed at the end of the game do not send Nedved, often protagonist of disrespectful and intimidating scripts towards the referees ".

A few hours later, the reply of Pavel Nedved's son arrived on Instagram: "When journalists are journalists …".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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