NBA 2018-2019, streaming and live tv: where to see it in Italy

NBA 2018-2019, streaming and live tv: where to see it in Italy

NBA 2018-2019, streaming and live tv: where to see it in Italy (Ansa)

ROME – Also this year the great American basketball NBA is at home only on Sky, with the opportunity to admire even more closely all the champions, thanks to the dedicated channel Sky Sports NBA (channel 206) and the renewed agreement with the National Basketball Association.

Sky is, therefore, the only TV to broadcast NBA basketball in Italy, confirming itself as a very important partner for NBA and an important reference point in our country of basketball with stars and stripes. Launched last July, Sky Sports NBA is on 24 hours a day.

At least one live match per day of regular season, up to 12 weeks; confirmation of the Sunday match in the early evening and (from December) that of Saturday in the late evening; one game a day with the commentary in Italian, the others with the original commentary; for the Playoffs, up to 36 games on the air, plus all the Conference Finals and Finals.

Overall, more than 350 matches will be on air, more than double the last season, without forgetting the NBA TV programming.

Continuous updates also on Sky Sports 24, on the Sky Sports App and on the official NBA website, exclusively in Italy on, also in mobile version and with at least 4 live streaming matches.

And a big news: three new Sky Sports NBA social accounts completely dedicated to USA basketball fans, Facebook, Twitter and Instragram (#SkyNBA). The latest news from the NBA world, exclusive content, live performances with Sky NBA talents and daily insights on all the latest news and much more.

Following, NBA programming is live exclusive on Sky Sports NBA October 16 to 22

Night Tuesday 16-Wednesday 17 October

2 hours Boston Celtics-Philadelphia 76ers

original live commentary

(deferred Wednesday 11 am; 5 pm and 9 pm; comment by Francesco Bonfardeci and Matteo Soragna)

4.30 am Golden State Warriors-Oklahoma City Thunder

original live commentary

(deferred Wednesday at 2 pm, 7 pm and 11:30 pm, commentary Flavio Tranquillo and Davide Pessina)

Night Wednesday 17-Thursday 18 October

2.30 am San Antonio Spurs-Minnesota Timberwolves

original live commentary

(deferred Thursday 11 am; 2 pm; 5 pm and 10 pm; comment by Alessandro Mamoli and Mauro Bevacqua)

Night Thursday 18th-Friday 19th October

4.30 am Portland Trail Blazers-Los Angeles Lakers

original live commentary

(deferred on Friday at 2 pm, 6 pm and 11 pm; comment by Flavio Tranquillo and Marco Crespi)

Night Friday 19th-Saturday 20th October

2.30 am Milwaukee Bucks-Indiana Pacers

original live commentary

(deferred Saturday 11 am; 2 pm; 5 pm and 10.30 pm; comment by Francesco Bonfardeci and Dario Vismara)

Night Saturday 20-Sunday 21 October

1 Washington Wizards-Toronto Raptors

original live commentary

(deferred Sunday 11 am; original comment)

4.30 am Los Angeles Lakers-Houston Rockets

original live commentary

(deferred Saturday at 2 pm, 5 pm and 10 pm, comment by Flavio Tranquillo and Davide Pessina)

Sunday, October 21st

24 hours Cleveland Cavaliers-Atlanta Hawks

live comment Alessandro Mamoli and Marco Crespi

(deferred Monday 22nd October at 2 pm, 7 pm and 10.30 pm)

Night Sunday 21-Monday 22 October

3 Hours Los Angeles Clippers-Houston Rockets

original live commentary

(deferred Monday 11 am and 5 pm; original comment).

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