Nations League, Series D: the league of the poor, those scarce for real

Nations League, the D Series between ... San Marino, Andorra and Luxembourg

Nations League, the D Series between … San Marino, Andorra and Luxembourg

ROME – There is a Nations League in the Nations League. It is the Nations League of the poorest nationals who, in Serie D, are competing for the honor. In Group A of the Serie D, for example, there is Andorra that in all of its history has won five games: three friendly matches against Belarus, Albania and San Marino and two qualifying matches at the world championships against Macedonia and 'Hungary.

Andorra in this Nations League managed to tear two draws to Kazakhstan and Latvia. The captain of Andorra is the defender Ildefons Lima who can also boast appearances in Serie B with Triestina. Among the matches to remember of Andorra is the first historic victory (but in friendly) against Belarus in 2000 and the recent away win against Hungary.

In Group B then there is a unleashed Luxembourg which, with nine points, currently leads the standings. Certainly the group is not the most difficult with Belarus, Moldova and San Marino. But the national team led by Luc Holtz is making a good impression. On the other hand, Luxembourg certainly has more qualities than Andorra (who does not remember the historic 5-4 victory against France in 1914 or the 6-0 victory against Afghanistan in 1948) and, above all, can count on Danel Sinani , Serbian-Luxembourg striker already scoring three goals.

In the same circle of Luxembourg there is San Marino. San Marino, it should be remembered, is third-last in the FIFA ranking in front of Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos coral archipelago that lost 11-0 to Cuba a few months ago. And in this Nations League, at the moment, San Marino does not managed to overturn the tradition by losing all the matches and failing to score even one goal.

In its history, however, for a few years San Marino has held the fastest goal record in a national match. It was 1993 and the San Marino striker Davide Gualtieri scored after 8.3 seconds of play against England. For the record at the end the game ended 7-1 for the British. The record was then beaten in 2016. Best player in the history of San Marino? Simple: Massimo Bonini who played in Tardelli and Platini's Juventus.

Group C of the Nations League is perhaps the most competitive with Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Far Oer and Malta. In Group D we find two of the poorest nationals: Gibraltar and Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein is the national team that can boast record on record an old knowledge of Italian football: Mario Frick . Liechtenstein in this Nations League also managed to win three points by beating Gibraltar 2-0.

This is the summary of the groups (with the classifications) of the Serie D:

Group 1: Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Andorra. Ranking: Georgia 12, Kazakhstan 5, Latvia 2, Andorra 2.

Group 2: Luxembourg, Belarus, Moldova and San Marino. Ranking: Luxembourg 9, Belarus 8, Moldova 5, San Marino 0.

Group 3: Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Far Oer and Malta. Ranking: Kosovo 8, Azerbaijan 6, Far Oer 4, Malta 2.

Group 4: Macedonia, Liechtenstein, Armenia and Gibraltar. Ranking: Macedonia 9, Armenia 6, Gibraltar 6, Liechtenstein 3.

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