Nations League: Italy beats Poland, avoids relegation and condemns the Poles to Serie B

Nations League: Italy beats Poland, avoids relegation and condemns the Poles to Serie B

Nations League: Italy beats Poland, avoids relegation and condemns the Poles to Serie B

ROME – Welcome back to Italy . After over a year without victories in official matches, the national team regains the full success – 1-0 at the home of Poland – and above all, play and smile. On the eve of the visit to the Quirinale da Mattarella to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the FIGC, the national team of Mancini celebrates the result that avoids the relegation in the Serie B of the Nations League.

And he does so with a brilliant performance in the home of a thick national team, spotted for ninety-two minutes by too many underhand errors but rewarded at 93 'by the first blue goal of Biraghi, who will dedicate it to Astori. It is a bet won by Mancini, not only because the author of the goal that breaks the victory taboo is the net choice of the coach. The technician has risked confirming an Italy with three strikers, but without strikers, and has amazed when having to put weight at the center of the attack instead of Immobile has sent in Lasagna. What then the head shot for the tap in the unexpected Biraghi was just the tip of Udinese, is coincidence lucky and little more.

The 1-0 condemns a dominated Poland (seven occasions wasted by the Azzurri) to the B and leaves Italy still a chance to win the group: if you play on November 17 at San Siro, against Portugal, unless you change your mind still without Ronaldo. And if Italy will be the same as tonight, perhaps more concrete, to think that a new blue era has begun at Chorzow is really possible. In Chorzow, Mancini chooses to confirm the form without striker against Ukraine: the answer is brilliant as in the first half of Genoa.

The movement of Insigne, Chiesa and Bernardeschi on the wings puts in crisis the defense of Poland, unable to restart to trigger the couple of strikers Milik-Lewandoski (with Piatek on the bench, to counter the crisis of the blue goal). Barella is less polished on Wednesday, but the dynamism and dribble of the blue midfield are the hinge and continually relaunch the action. And in fact the first time runs with a sequence of blue occasions. Bad luck, inaccuracies, missed entries from behind and Sczeszny saves, many reasons for the result that is not released.

The cross trembles on the blow of Jorginho after only 2 ', is the sound of a first half all attack. At 8 'Insigne wastes the ball into the area by raising the lob instead of beating hard, then the blow of Florenzi (12') and 'rejected by a defender. Even Bernardeschi puts us imprecision, when at 24 'choked out the left in the area on the assists of the Church and the exact half hour is still the crossbar to stop Italy, this time on the stroke of Insigne.

Poland meanwhile tries hard to counterattack, it's the moment of the match in which there are scoring balls: Church touches only in the area and Szczesny rejects on Jorginho, all in the 32 ', then the goalkeeper is overcome with a shot of kidneys on the incornata of Chiellini (36 '). In the middle, the only shot on goal by Milik, on restart, which slams on Bonucci's back. There is still time for an action in speed that frees the shot in the running Florenzi, and here the Polish goalkeeper of Juventus really exceeds, at 44 '.

The coach Brzeczek understands, and changes the men and form changes: Grosicki for Szimanski and Blaszczykowski for Linetty, the hosts are placed in a 4-4-2 square leaving the midfield to three, the spaces close. Poland attacks, and at 12 'goes close to the advantage with a right-wing Grosicki caught by Zielinski long throw: luck of Mancini Donnarumma is reactive. A minute later, Biraghi wasted on a cross Barella paraded on the far post, but the joke is very high.

The beautiful deep action of Verratti at 17 'is thwarted by a filter to Insigne offside, then Florenzi wastes with a wrong check the precise assist in the area of ​​Jorginho (20'). But it is the ball put by Biraghi on the head of Bernadeschi to represent the most clamorous blue waste of the evening, at minute 25: the striker Juve perfectly cuts the area, he gets punctual to the appointment but wastes to the side with the door open.

The law of the wrong goal is going to take place three minutes later, when Insigne loses a ball that triggers the Polish counterattack: first Blaszczykowski is seen to dart from the Donnarumma the joke on the fly, then Milik shoots up. When Bernadeschi at the half hour still pulls high, after having freed himself from the limit, Mancini understands that it is time to send in a central point but instead of Immobile the chosen one is Lasagna, who enters precisely for Bernardeschi at 35 '.

Italy does not stop growing, even if it does not fall on the counterattack, and at 93 'on the last corner comes the liberation goal. Biraghi unloads ball, clouds, dark thoughts and taboos.

"It's a dominated game, we had to score goals first, it was unjust to finish 0-0". Roberto Mancini rejoices for the success at the home of Poland, with a network of Biraghi in recovery. "All the guys are trying to do their best," he adds to Raisport. "It's a good win in a very good game. In football it takes time, there is no magicians ".

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