Napoli overwhelms Empoli (5-1) and leads to -3 from Juventus: highlights and report cards

Napoli-Empoli 5-1 highlights, pagelle e video gol (Ansa)

Napoli-Empoli 5-1 highlights, report cards and goal video (Ansa)

NAPLES, STADIUM SAN PAOLO – Napoli-Empoli 5-1, goals: Lorenzo Insigne 9 ', Dries Mertens 38', 64 'and 93', Caputo 59 'and Milik 90' . Match valid as a Friday advance of the Italian Serie A football league.

The Napoli-2 is enough to solve the practice without employing too many Empoli and to re-launch the pursuit of Juventus. The Blues halved the disadvantage from the Italian champions, taking three points away, waiting for tomorrow's match that the Bianconeri will have to play with Cagliari. Ancelotti once again uses a pushed turnover.

At the beginning of the game rest Ospina, Albiol, Mario Rui, Callejom Allan and Hamsik, half a team, in practice, compared to what will presumably fall on the field next Tuesday in the Champions League match with PSG. Despite the changes, however, the difference between the two teams in the field is too much for Empoli to be able to counter the Azzurri with some chance of success.

Napoli, however, finds the goal after just eight minutes of play and the race is immediately downhill. And 'Insigne to place at the bottom of the net the pallpne with a shot billiard, after an overwhelming action of Koulibaly. Empoli tries to react and in some cases manages to present himself dangerously in front of the door defended by Karnezis, but Napoli controls the race without too many worries, with Rog and Diawara raising a strong barrier in front of the penalty area when the attacks of the Tuscans become more ficcanti.

Andreazzoli's team also tries from the side bands, in particular on the left side of his attack, thanks to the initiative of Antonelli. But the Napoli check calmly and as soon as it can start again in speed to put in difficulty the rear guard of the Tuscans. In the final of the first portion of the game Ancelotti's team is doubled with a conclusion by Mertens, very similar to the previous one of Insigne and at that point it seems that the Empoli's hopes to go out with some point in the pocket from the San Paolo fade away consistent way.

Instead the men of Andreazzoli reopen the race for a few minutes thanks to a winning idea of ​​Caputo beating Karnezis. The hope of straightening the race, however, does not last long. After 7 more 'Martens with a spell, sends a lob to bag behind Prrovedel. Empoli does not give up just at this stage of the race expresses its best.

But Napoli is sly and attentive and can just start again with his fast arrows so as to score two more goals in the last minutes, first with Milik and then with Mertens, the true star of the evening who with a hat trick brings the ball home .

Report cards Napoli-Empoli 5-1

Naples beat Empoli 5-1 (2-0). Naples (4-4-2): Karnezis 6, Malcuit 6.5, Maksimovic 6.5, Koulibaly 6.5, Hysaj 6, Ruiz 6.5 (17 'st Callejon 6.5), Rog 6 (17' st Allan 6,5), Diawara 6, Zielinski 6 (37 'st Milik 6,5), Mertens 8, Insigne 7. (25 Ospina, 22 D'Andrea, 33 Albiol, 6 Mario Rui, 31 Ghoulam, 17 Hamsik, 11 Ounas). All .: Ancelotti 7.

Empoli (4-3-2-1): Provedel 5, Di Lorenzo 5, Silvestre 5.5, Maietta 5.5, Antonelli 6.5, Acquah 6 (22 'st Zajc 6), Bennacer 6.5, Traorè 5 , 5, Krunic 5.5 (22 'st Pasqual 6), Ucan 5.5 (34' st La Gumina sv), Caputo 5. (21 Terracciano, 99 Fulignati, 29 Marcjanik, 32 Rasmussen, 5 Veseli, 31 Untersee, 4 Brighi, 28 Capezzi, 66 Mraz). All .: Andreazzoli 5.5.

Referee: Pairetto di Torino 6.5. Networks: in pt 8 'Insigne, 37' Mertens; in st 12 'Caputo, 19' Mertens, 44 'Milik, 48' Mertens. Angles: 7-0 for Empoli. Recovery: 0 'and 4'. Ammonites: Bannacer and Di Lorenzo for improper play. Var: 0. Spectators: 25 thousand.

** I GOL ** – 8 'pt: percussion on the left of Koulibaly who gives the ball to Insigne who takes two steps in the penalty area and leaves a low shot diagonally that goes on the opposite pole. – 37 'pt: a reckless back-pass by Di Lorenzo favors Insigne who immediately gives the ball to Martens. As soon as he entered the penalty area, the Belgian sent a low shot diagonally to the left of Provedel.

– 12 st: Caputo uses a launch in the top, burns on the shot Koulibaly, is held in front of Karnezis and beats him with a low shot diagonally that the goalkeeper can only touch, without being able to prevent the ball from slipping into the net.

– 19 'st: action on the right of Callejon which serves with a side pass Mertens. The Belgian starts a lob on a diagonal line that bypasses Provedel and ends at the back of the net.

– 44 'st: Napoli's manual action starting from the left with Diawara. The ball passes from Insigne's feet to those of Mertens who serves Milik in the middle of the area. Polish right-hand plate and ball at the end of the net. – 48 'st: Napoli counterattack with Insigne who launches Mertens in which he avoids with a touch the goalkeeper and sends the ball into the net with an empty net.

The highlights of Napoli-Empoli 5-1

Final whistle. Napoli won 5-1 against Empoli, with Mertens' hat-trick and goals from Insigne and Milik, and led to three minutes from Juventus, awaiting the Bianconeri's commitment.

93 'Fifth goal of Napoli. This time the assist is Insigne, Mertens surpasses Provedel and bags on the net. Triplet for the Belgian.

90 'Napoli fourth goal. Perfect counterattack finalized by Milik with a powerful conclusion. Assist by Mertens.

81 'Napoli close to the fourth goal. Before Zielinski and after Callejon they kick on the outside of the net from an excellent position.

74 '- Empoli close to the second goal. The header of Silvestre comes out of a breath. The Tuscans do not give up on the result.

64 'Mertens double. In the most difficult moment for his team, the Belgian striker brought a sudden conclusion out of the barrel, from the edge of the Empoli penalty area, which left no way to Provedel and ended his race under the crossroads of the poles .

59 '- Empoli's goal, Caputo punishes Napoli at the first inattention. Ciccio Caputo started offside and beat Karnezis with an unstoppable shot.

53 '- Fabian Ruiz has touched the trio. The Spanish midfielder tried the net with a shot that surprised Provedel but ended his run on the bottom.

45 'End of half time. Napoli dominated the game and deservedly scored two goals. Signed the award-winning company consisting of Insigne and Mertens.

38 '- Doubling of Naples. The attack couple works that is a marvel. Assist by Lorenzo Insigne and goal by Dries Mertens. The diagonal of the Belgian has left no escape to Provedel.

33 '- The first ring of Empoli comes after half an hour. Krunic shot from a good position and ball out of a breath. First thrill for the Neapolitan who are still in full control of the game.

15 '- Dominio Napoli in this game start. Malcuit freed himself on the range of his competence and kicked with power but only hit the outside of the net.

10 '- The sudden conclusion of Lorenzo Insigne. Provedel blocked the ball on the ground. Challenging start for the goalkeeper dell'Empoli as predicted.

9 ' Goal of the Napoli . Passing through Kalidou Koulibaly for Lorenzo Insigne, the Napoli striker has beaten Provedel with a touch of pool with the tip.

3 '- The first scoring opportunity is for Napoli. Mertens kicked Zielinski's cross but failed to surprise Provedel who blocked the ball without too much trouble.

Naples official training (4-4-2) Karnezis; Hysaj, Maksimovic, Koulibaly, Malcuit; Rog, Diawara, F. Ruiz, Zielinski; Mertens, Insigne.
Empoli official training (4-3-2-1): Provedel; Di Lorenzo, Silvestre, Maietta, Antonelli, Acquah, Bennacer, Traore; Krunic, Ucan; Caputo

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