Napoli-Lecce, no penalty and no VAR. Giuntoli furious with the referee: “The foul on Milik was clear”

Napoli-Lecce, niente rigore e niente VAR. Giuntoli furioso con l'arbitro: "Il fallo su Milik era netto"

Napoli-Lecce, Donati's foul on Milik. It is not a penalty for the referee. The race director did not go to review the action at the VAR (Sky Sport still image)

NAPLES – Napoli lost in size at home against Lecce but at the end of the game the ds Giuntoli showed up to Sky Sport's microphones to attack the referee harshly for not having given a penalty to the Campania for a foul by Donati against Milik in the penalty area of ​​the Giallorossi.

“On the pitch the touch was clearly seen, then, the referee highlighted the fact that he accentuated it and warned him. However, what we ask, since there is the VAR and that the referee can make a mistake, is that at that moment he surely had to go and see it again. This is something we cannot accept. He is convinced that he threw himself.

The fact that there is a VAR that highlights the touch, however, is worth seeing. This is unacceptable, we have already suffered a lot of episodes like that, I also refer to Atalanta at home. Then, in football there is that you win, lose or draw, that is not a problem, we have other faults, it is not for me now to say it, there is the coach who speaks and says these things.

Then, there will be a confrontation with the team. However, at the corporate level we cannot accept that there is a VAR and that the referee does not go to see it after five minutes. However, the fact that the game has stopped for a few minutes, I think so.

We want to clarify this situation, because he can be wrong at the moment, but since the VAR was there he could not fail to give this penalty and he should have also removed the yellow card from Milik, who certainly accentuated, but he was touched not a little ”.

The match between Napoli and Lecce 2-3, the Neapolitans protested for the penalty not granted to Milik who could have given them the draw.

NAPLES (4-3-3) : Ospina; Di Lorenzo, Maksimovic, Koulibaly, Mario Rui; Lobotka (1 ′ st Mertens), Demme, Zielinski; Politano (17 ′ st Callejòn), Milik, Insigne (32 ′ st Lozano). Available: Meret, Karnezis, Hysaj, Luperto, Manolas, Allan, Ruiz, Llorente. Coach: Gattuso

LECCE (4-3-1-2) : Vigorito; Rispoli, Lucioni, Rossettini, Donati; Deiola (46 ′ st Paz), Majer (23 ′ st Petriccione), Baràk; Saponara; Falco (30 ′ st Mancosu), Lapadula. Available: Sava, Chironi, Vera, Shakhov, Monterisi, Calderoni, Maselli, Rimoli, Dell'Orco. Coach: Liverani

REFEREE : Giua di Olbia

MARKERS : 29 ′ pt Lapadula (L), 3 ′ st Milik (N), 16 ′ st Lapadula (L), 37 ′ st Mancosu (L), 45 ′ st Callejòn (N)

NOTES : Ammonites: Koulibaly, Zielinski, Milik, Mario Rui, Demme (N), Rispoli, Vigorito, Petriccione (L) Recovery: 0 'and 5'.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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