Napoli-Lazio, Lucas Leiva as Balotelli: when the “vaffa” is worth the expulsion

Napoli-Lazio, Lucas Leiva come Balotelli: quando il "vaffa" vale l'espulsione

Napoli-Lazio, the moment when referee Massa expelled Lucas Leiva (freeze frame from social networks)

NAPLES – Napoli-Lazio was a spectacular race, full of good games but also of slow motion episodes. One of these concerns Lucas Leiva. The Brazilian Lazio midfielder was sent off in the 25th minute of the first half for direct red. The referee Massa whistled a foul in midfield, Lucas Leiva did not agree with this decision because he claimed to have hit the ball.

The referee Massa replied that he took both the ball and the opponent. At that point Lucas Leiva sent him to that country with the classic gesture of the "vaffa". Such protests are frequent in Italy but in recent times, the referees are sanctioning them with the utmost severity.

So after the red to Mario Balotelli during Serie A Brescia-Cagliari, the one arrived to Lucas Leiva during the Napoli-Lazio match valid for the Italian Cup quarter-finals. The protest, with the gesture of the "vaffa", was practically identical.

The referee Massa behaved exactly like the Brescia-Cagliari Giua race director. Previously, the referee Massa had sent off Hysaj for a double yellow card (rather clear fouls on Felice Caicedo and Ciro Immobile).

Then, with the red to Lucas Leiva, the referee Massa has restored the numerical parity. For the vaffa, Balotelli remedied two days of disqualification plus a fine. We will see what Lucas Leiva's sanction will be.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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