Napoli-Juventus, banners against Sarri throughout the city: “Gobbo bastar .. you dropped your pants”

Napoli-Juventus, striscioni contro Sarri in tutta la città: "Gobbo bastar.. ti sei calato le mutande"

Napoli-Juventus, Maurizio Sarri in the photo Ansa. He was greeted with offensive whistles, choirs and banners

NAPLES – Hellish welcome for Maurizio Sarri on the day of his return to Naples as an opponent. The coach has gone from Napoli to Juventus, passing through Chelsea, his change of jacket is considered a betrayal by Napoli fans who hate the Bianconeri sportingly. So banners against Maurizio Sarri appeared all over the city.

Napoli-Juventus, heavy banners against Sarri in front of the Maschio Angioino.

The most offensive were hung in front of the Maschio Angioino: "Sarri hunchback bastar .., on Juve you said a lot but then you dropped your pants …". Signed Curva "A", the hottest fringe of Napoli fans. The one who loved Maurizio Sarri the most, even to the nickname "commander".

The commander who should have led Napoli to victory against Juventus' hated rivals. Not only has Sarri not succeeded, he now even sits on the bench of the "enemies" of all time. In short, a beautiful and good "betrayal" for the Napoli fans who filled him with whistles upon arrival in the city with the Juventus coach.

In a few hours we will go out on the pitch, Sarri is likely to be received as badly as Higuain, with ninety minutes of whistles, insults and unpronounceable choruses … This is usually the treatment that Napoli fans reserve for those who are "traitors" to them .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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