Napoli-Frosinone 4-0 highlights: Zielinski-Ounas-Milik VIDEO GOL

Napoli-Frosinone 1-0 highlights: Zielinski VIDEO GOL

Napoli-Frosinone, Zielinski rejoices after the goal

NAPLES, STADIUM SAN PAOLO – Napoli-Frosinone 4-0 , goals: Zielinski 7 ', Ounas 40', Milik 68 'and 83'. Match valid for the fifteenth day of the Italian Serie A football championship.

Everything is easy for Napoli against Frosinone. The Neapolitans have won four to zero playing at low rates. The goals were signed by Zielinski, Ounas and Milik (double). Thanks to this success, the team coached by Carlo Ancelotti has consolidated the second place in the standings, taking it to minus eight by Juventus, the solitary leaders, and the more you are on Inter third of the class.

The report cards of the match

Napoli beat Frosinone 4-0 (2-0). Naples (4-4-2): Meret 6, Hysaj 6.5, Luperto 6.5, Koulibaly 6, Ghoulam 7, Ounas 7 (27 'st Younes 6.5), Allan 6, Hamsik 6 (34' st Diawara sv), Zielinski 6.5, Milik 7, Insigne 5 (30 'st Rog sv). (25 Ospina, 27 Karnezis, 2 Malcuit, 19 Maksimovic, 6 Mario Rui, 7 Callejon, 8 Ruiz, 14 Mertens). All .: Ancelotti 7.

Frosinone (3-5-2): Sportiello 5.5, Goldaniga 5.5, Ariaudo 5.5, Capuano 5, Zampano 5.5 (26 'st Ghiglione sv), Chibsah 6, Maiello 6 (30' st Soddimo sv ), Cassata 5.5, Beghetto 6, Campbell 5, Pinamonti 5.5 (15 'st Ciano 6). (22 Bardi, 3 Molinaro, 4 Vloet, 9 Ciofani, 11 Perica, 21 Sammarco, 23 Brighenti, 27 Salamon, 88 Crisetig). All .: Longo 5.

Referee: Manganiello di Pinerolo 6.5. Networks: in the pt 7 'Zielinski, 40' Ounas; in st 23 'and 39' Milik. Angles: 9-3 for Naples. Recovery: 1 'and 3'. Ammonites: Campbell for improper play; Cassata for protests; Zielinski for non-regulatory behavior. Var: 0. Spectators: 30 thousand.

*** GOL *** -7 'pt: after a shot from outside the area of ​​Insigne replied by the defense, a melee resolved by the same Insigne with a pass to Zielinski moved to the left that bag with a low shot diagonally.

-40 'pt: Ounas receives the ball from Koulibaly at halfway, advances to the edge of the penalty area and starts a left-footed shot that goes under the crossbar.

-23'st: on the football from the flag of Ounas, Milik hits the head in the small area and sends the ball to the back of the net. -39 'st: cross from the left of Ghoulam, Milik from the opposite side is ready to get under the door and pushes the ball into the net.

The highlights of Naples-Frosinone

The goal of the two goals from Arek Milik

The trio of Arek Milik who has definitely closed the game

The doubling of Ounas with a long-distance left torpedo

Napoli ahead, Zielinski has finalized a beautiful choral action by the Neapolitans

Naples (4-4-2): Meret; Malcuit, Luperto, Koulibaly, Hysaj; Ounas, Allan, Hamsik, Zielinski; Insigne, Milik. Coach: Ancelotti.

Frosinone (3-5-2): Sportiello; Goldaniga, Ariaudo, Capuano; Zampano, Chibsah, Maiello, Cassata, Beghetto; Campbell, Pinamonti. Coach: Longo

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