Napoli fan provokes Gasperini: “Do you play it or give it to Juventus?”. Atalanta manager insults him and blasphemes: “Terrone del c …” VIDEO

Bad episode in Turin upon arrival of the Atalanta coach. A Napoli fan on the spot provoked Gasperini saying: "Do you play it or give it to Juventus as usual?". The racist reply of a leader from Bergamo is ready: "You are a c … Shut up, a terror of the c …". Then he also cursed.

Bad episode before the summit match between Juventus and Atalanta. Sparks between a Napoli fan, present on the spot, Gasperini and a manager from Bergamo.

All this happened when the Atalanta bus arrived in Turin. The Napoli fan, speaking back, spoke of a sort of servility of the Nerazzurri towards Juventus.

According to this Napoli fan, when Atalanta challenges Juventus he avoids letting her win. Obviously his declarations are totally spanned in the area because even in the recent past Atalanta has played bad jokes at Juventus (from the victory in last year's Coppa Italia quarter-finals, to 2 to 2 in the league in Serie A).

Gasperini and an Atalanta manager have not ignored him, as insiders usually do with offensive fans. This time the members of the Bergamo club wanted to face him and they answered him.

The coach got away with a "Go for a ride", so he came out in a more than decent way while an Atalanta manager let himself go to a racist insult.

Already racist because an offense against a citizen of another region is also such, not only against a black person. This manager of Atalanta, of whom only the voice is heard in the video, offended the Napoli fan by saying: "You are a c … Shut up, m terrone …". Then the same executive also cursed. It feels loud and clear in the video.

Terrone is an offensive term used against people from the south by those from the north. In the past, Mandorlini had also fallen for it, the former Verona coach had made fun of one of his Calabrian footballers, calling him a Terrone. We are in 2020 but we are still in a bad way … (YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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