Napoli-Barcelona, ​​Mertens historic goal: he reached Hamsik at 121

Napoli-Barcellona, Mertens gol storico: ha raggiunto Hamsik a quota 121

Napoli-Barcelona, ​​Mertens historic goal: he reached Hamsik at an altitude of 121 (photo Ansa)

NAPLES – Thanks to the goal scored in Barcelona, ​​in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16, Dries Mertens entered right into the history of Napoli. The Belgian center forward has reached Marek Hamsik at the top of the all-time scorer standings of Napoli at 121 goals.

The network that allowed him to reach this historical record is of rare beauty. Mertens scored the goal that unlocked the Champions League big match between Rino Gattuso's Napoli and Setien's Barcelona. It all started with a splendid action by Zielinski on the right.

The Polish midfielder crossed in the middle for Mertens because he realized that the Belgian striker was not marked by his opponents. It was an unforgivable mistake by Barcelona because Mertens stopped the ball in a fraction of a second and started a right-footed shot that left no way for Ter Stegen.

The German goalkeeper of Barcelona has not even moved. He could not help but admire the Eurogol of "MaraMertens". The Belgian striker is not new to magic of this type. This year he has already scored a splendid goal for Liverpool's European champions in the Champions League group stage.

Napoli-Barcelona, ​​Mertens like Hamsik: both lead the all-time scorers of the Campania club with 121 goals.

1 Hamsik 121 (12 seasons)
2 Mertens 121 (7)
3 Maradona 115 (7)
4 Sallustro 108 (11)
5 Cavani 104 (3)
6 Vojak 103 (6)
7 Altafini 97 (7)
8 Careca 96 (6)
9 Higuain 91 (3)
10 Insigne 85 (9).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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