Napoli-Arsenal or mussel soup: the dilemma of “Holy Thursday”

Napoli-Arsenal o la zuppa di cozze: il dilemma del "giovedì santo"

Napoli-Arsenal or mussel soup: the dilemma of "Holy Thursday" (Photo Ansa)

NAPLES – The dilemma is serious. Napoli-Arsenal or mussel soup ? The most important game of the year for the Neapolitan supporters happens in fact on the day of "Holy Thursday" , and tradition has it that on the day before Good Friday they cook and eat the traditional mussel soup . So between molluscs and Europa League the choice is not just. Giving up the classic dish of mussels, friselline and lots of spicy red oil, or giving up going to the stadium to see the return of the quarter-finals against Arsenal?

For those who will follow the game from home the problem obviously does not arise. Or rather, it does not arise too much because the game starts at 9 pm and if the mother, wife and grandmother do not follow football more than traditions, maybe the soup is ready at 9:15 pm … And who goes to the stadium for? The idea could be to prepare it and bring it beautiful ready to be consumed on San Paolo seats. Among choirs, scarves and mussel shells, the evening could be unforgettable.

As said the dilemma is not just, especially thinking about how this kind of traditions feel in Naples. And if you don't consume the mussel soup, should it bring bad luck? Or even worse, if it was the soup to change the habits of the average fan and then to bring bad luck? Oh yes it really is quite a dilemma …

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