Naples, Milik: “Polemics to play more? I was referring to the National team … “

Napoli Milik polemiche giocare di più riguardavano Nazionale

Naples, Milik in the photo Ansa

NAPLES – On Sky Sport's microphones, after the San Paolo match, Napoli striker Arkadiusz Milik promoted his team's performance.

A victory that can revive the enthusiasm of the whole environment

Yes, we suffered so much tonight, against a tough, physical team that puts intensity. For my part, rightly, I am very happy because we won, I scored twice, the first goals of this season. I am very happy for this victory, for this one-two and we must continue like this, because we are on the right path.

You had already unlocked yourself with your national team and you said, give me a jersey that I score, today you made two

Anyway, I was talking more about the national team than about Napoli, because I didn't play very much with the national team, I was sick in Naples, because I had health problems at the beginning of the season, but now I'm fine, I feel great, I hope I can play more and to have more continuity.

Mentally it is important to be well

Of course, I have a lot of hunger to play, to score goals, as I said before, I had health problems at the beginning of the season, now I'm fine, I want to play, I want to score. Only this makes me happy.

Milik is from Naples project, as De Laurentiis said, and it will be said that Milik remains, who signs the renewal

Yes, we're talking about renewal, let's see what happens, though, I'm very happy in Naples, but I can't say anything more, because we're talking, my attorney is talking to the company. I am happy, now we have a moment to celebrate, next week we will play an important match in the Champions League and slowly we will concentrate on this.

In Genk, perhaps, some mistakes too many in front of goal and in the Champions will have to put it inside

Hopefully, I want to score in the Champions League, because last year, unfortunately, I didn't. Surely, the game with the Salzburg will be tough, because we know how to play, put intensity, pressing high, and it will be a tough game, but we are ready (source Sky Sports).

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