Naples-Lecce, the lawyer Pisani: “I sue Nicchi, Rizzoli and Giua for damages”

Napoli-Lecce, avvocato Pisani: "Cito per danni Nicchi, Rizzoli e Giua"

Napoli-Lecce, the lawyer Pisani wants to sue the referee team for damages (still image from Sky Sport with the foul on Milik: no penalty and no var)

ROME – The lawyer Angelo Pisani spoke on the microphones of the transmission "Italy has risen", conducted by the director Gianluca Fabi and Matteo Torrioli on Radio Cusano Campus, issuer of the Niccolò Cusano University, to return to the facts of Naples- Lecce.

Napoli-Lecce, the lawyer Pisani: "We do not contest the var but the referee who has not used it".

Pisani sued the president of the Aia Nicchi, the designator Rizzoli and the referee Giua for alleged errors in the Napoli-Lecce match for damages. "We cannot contest the var, but the referee who did not use the var to realize the mistake he had made," said Pisani.

Col var would have seen that there was a penalty on Milik , the referee instead showed his total arrogance, the total lack of respect for the rules. Unfortunately, even in football the rules are badly written, they are interpreted for friends and applied for ordinary people, this principle always applies.

The system, the strong powers, impose what they want and we must fight this. We will go to the ordinary judge and ask to clarify and restore the rules. In Europe there has been an error of Italian referee against Ajax, UEFA, which does not have the FIGC, has admitted that there has been an error and there is talk of compensation for damages for Ajax. The difference between the fans and the club is that fans cannot access the sports judge.

Cardholders can do it, but they don't because they are afraid of penalties. Anyone who does not use the var will spot the crime of omission. If a journalist is wrong, if a lawyer is wrong, if a doctor is wrong, everyone pays. I don't understand why a referee should not pay for his mistakes "(source Radio Cusano Campus, issuer of the Niccolò Cusano University).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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