Naples-Lazio, the Maggi physiotherapist apologizes to Gattuso for the “Terrone di m …”

In the turbulent final of Napoli-Lazio, the Biancocelesti's physiotherapist offended Gattuso by calling him the 'southerner of m…'. A few hours later he apologized.

Napoli-Lazio ended in brawl with the physiotherapist of the Rome team, Maggi, who offended Gattuso by calling him the 'southerner of m…'. The Campania technician reacted furiously by telling him: "Come and tell me to my face …". Then the two were separated ( here the video ).

A few hours after the match ended, Maggi wanted to apologize for his behavior. The statements of the Lazio physiotherapist are reported in the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“In my many years of profession, I never had to offend anyone. In addition to being a family man, I am a respectful person and my professional history tells it.

Last night, on the occasion of the match against Napoli, I let myself go to inappropriate behavior and I deeply apologize for this to everyone and in particular to Mr. Rino Gattuso ”.

These apologies came after both Gattuso and Inzaghi had already pronounced on the episode by minimizing it.

The Napoli coach had also made self-criticism to the microphones of Sky Sport:

“Nothing in particular happened, big words flew and I reacted too. I shouldn't have done it. If the referee had sent me off, he would have been right. In any case, these are things that happen and that end on the pitch ”.

Very similar statements had also been issued by Inzaghi again to Sky Sport:

“We were nervous because we wanted to avoid fourth place. With Gattuso there are no problems, they are things that happen and that end up on the pitch. I have no problems with anyone, on the contrary I say that Napoli are a great team despite their position in the table ”.

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