Naples, Koulibaly champion with a big heart: all his charitable works

Napoli, Koulibaly campione dal cuore grande: tutte le sue opere di beneficenza

Naples, Koulibaly in the photo Ansa

NAPLES – Koulibaly entered the heart of the Napoli fans for his great performances on the field but also for his charity works far from the pitch. Many noble gestures of the Napoli footballer are told by Monica Scozzafava for Corriere della Sera. Koulibaly has been helping the homeless of Naples for years. The Napoli defender brings them clothes and money firsthand.

It does not end here, the day of Christmas Eve, while everyone ran in the supermarkets of Naples well to spend and spend on food and drinks, Koulibaly, without being seen by anyone, donated 500 euros to a compatriot who earned a living helping the supermarket customers with shopping carts.

Koulibaly is also at the forefront in helping children. He always spends hours on Christmas Eve and Epiphany at the Pausilipon and Santobono pediatric hospitals. But not only that, Koulibaly also goes to these hospitals during the year, not only during the Christmas holidays. When he can, he always goes to find his little friends who are having difficult moments in the hospital to bring them gifts and smiles.

Recently, Koulibaly received a letter from a Senegalese child asking for funds to build a school. The Napoli central immediately proceeded to send this money. That's why both in Naples and in Senegal he is an idol because he is a champion both on and off the pitch.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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