Naples, kidnapped car: perhaps it is the one that killed Daniele Belardinelli. Check on 2 other cars

Napoli, sequestrata auto: forse è quella che ha ucciso Daniele Belardinelli. Controlli su altre 2 vetture

Naples, kidnapped car: perhaps it is the one that killed Daniele Belardinelli. Checks on 2 other cars (Ansa)

NAPLES – The car, an ' Audi station wagon, seized in Naples in the Milan investigation conducted by the Digos and coordinated by the prosecutor added Letizia Mannella and by the pm Rosaria Stagnaro and Michela Bordieri, could be the one that passed over to Daniel Belardinelli , the 'ultrà of Varese died December 26 in the clashes between ultras Interisti and Neapolitans. It is a concrete hypothesis on which the investigators are working. It is registered in lease to the father of a census of a Napoli fan .

From what has been known, the car seized by the Naples Digos that collaborates with Milanese colleagues (the proceedings will be broadcast in Milan) was identified through the analysis of the images of the clashes, even if it would not be taken from the same images the license plate of the car and, therefore, the investigators would come to the seizure through some testimonies. The car is now blocked under seizure in a depot in Naples. Two other cars, then, have been identified by analyzing the images of the clashes, but the investigators are looking for them to get to the seizure and to check if they are involved in the investment.

Death Daniele Belardinelli, listened to the two ultras who accompanied him to the hospital

The two ultras were heard at the police station in Milan on December 26th at the San Carlo hospital Daniele Belardinelli, the Varese fan who died as a result of the clashes between the inter-Neapolitan inter-Neapolitans before the Inter-Napoli match. From what has been known, the interrogation of the two young people, also investigated for taking part in the guerrilla warfare in via Novara, happened yesterday. Meanwhile, the number of participants in the brawl investigated is increasing (at the moment the registered names could be over 20), also because investigators and investigators are making checks in these hours on the more than 100 Inter fans (among them also ultra of Varese and Nice 'twinned' with the Nerazzurri) and about eighty Neapolitan ultras.

Meanwhile, for tomorrow afternoon in the Milanese prison of San Vittore is scheduled to be interrogated in front of the pm of Luca Da Ros, the so-called 'pentito' of the investigation that in recent days has called into question Marco Piovella, head of the Boys of the north corner , arrested, interrogated yesterday by the investigating judge Guido Salvini and among the alleged organizers of the blitz. Piovella, defended by the lawyers Mirko Perlino and Carlo Melzi D'Eril, among other things, explained that his "friend" Belardinelli was "one of the first to get into action" in the ambush to the Neapolitans, before being invested by one or two cars.

The Naples article , kidnapped by car: perhaps it is the one that killed Daniele Belardinelli. Checks on 2 other cars seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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