Naples, James Rodriguez is thinking of Maradona’s number 10 shirt

Napoli, James Rodriguez sta pensando alla maglia numero 10 di Maradona

Naples, James Rodriguez is thinking of Maradona's number 10 shirt. Photo EPA / Mauricio Duenas Castaneda

NAPLES – James Rodriguez's move from Real Madrid to Napoli could be the hit of the summer. The Colombian would cost the people of Campania 50 million euros (10 immediately plus 40 for redemption in a year). A bargain if we consider that the blancos to buy it had to spend almost double.

A transfer made possible by the fact that the Colombian's performance in the last two seasons has not lived up to his fame. So much so that Bayern Munich has decided not to redeem it and sent it back to Madrid.

But Ancelotti esteems him very much and wants to go back to working together. Rodriguez himself is looking forward to moving to Naples and is thinking of a very courageous move: taking Diego Armando Maradona's number ten shirt. After the farewell of Maradona, Napoli withdrew his shirt but could make an exception to the rule for a champion like Rodriguez.

James very hardly gives up his number ten and would like to wear it even during his football experience in Naples. From this point of view, Ancelotti has not given any veto, indeed he is in favor, because he is convinced that Rodriguez has the personality to play at the San Paolo with the shirt that was of Maradona.

James Rodriguez, more than a footballer, is a multinational.

As Il Corriere dello Sport writes, James Rodriguez is a kind of human multinational that just breathes, produces: sponsors and partnerships proliferate, without pause, and therefore it is no coincidence that the big brands compete to ensure its image. Just to realize what the Colombian champion is capable of assembling, just take a look at the adoring virtual community in his wake: over 92 million followers among Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Growth is constant. So much so that in the past he was chosen by Huawei as ambassador to Colombia, where he is considered a kind of king, and by Calvin Klein. Today, however, James continues to be one of Adidas's historical alfi eri (also Insigne in the team); a face of the American designer, Marc Jacobs, for glasses; and then a testimonial of Hublot, a Swiss luxury watch company, and Otro, a digital platform created for fans of the most prominent players (besides him there are also Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Dybala and great ex-Cantona and Beckham types) . James's earnings at every social media post? More or less 400 thousand dollars (351 thousand euros) (source Il Corriere dello Sport).

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