Naples, De Laurentiis: “Insigne e Raiola? The problem is theirs. Mertens? If you want to hustle in China … “

Napoli Insigne Raiola Mertens le verità di Aurelio De Laurentiis

Naples, Lorenzo Insigne in the photo Ansa

NAPLES – Aurelio De Laurentiis spoke of the situations of Lorenzo Insigne and Dries Mertens during the presentation at Palazzo San Giacomo for the convention of the San Paolo stadium. The patron of the Naples didn't use turns of word and it has been particularly hard with Lorenzo Insigne. Your statements are reported by the Corriere dello Sport.

"I let it live. De Laurentiis does not solve the problem of Insigne and Raiola, but the player must first resolve it, who must understand what he wants to do. He always had an attitude of discomfort in Naples. I understand it and protect it. I like him, he likes me a lot, but he has always felt the Neapolitan situation uncomfortable. He must stay calm and become a more peaceful person. But it is his problem, neither Raiola nor Ancelotti can solve it ".

De Laurentiis was also quite tough with Mertens: "If someone wants to go hustler in China, we see things differently".

Lorenzo Insigne has been at loggerheads with Napoli for months. After he moved to Mino Raiola, his situation in Naples became critical. Last summer Lorenzinho was very close to leaving Campania to move abroad. Raiola had already deepened the dialogue with two clubs with which he is on excellent terms such as Liverpool and the PSG.

Insigne liked Klopp very much because he has technical and physical characteristics similar to those of the other strikers of the reigning European champions. Although Insigne was tempted to leave Naples, in the end he was convinced to remain after a meeting with De Laurentiis in Capri with his family in tow.

After a few months, the situation was again criticized because Insigne began to have a difficult relationship with Carlo Ancelotti. The former Milan coach slammed him in the stands during the Champions League match against Genk and with this choice he blew up the Insigne case.

Ancelotti no longer considers him a first choice and in the hierarchies ended behind Lozano, Callejon, Llorente, Mertens and Milik. Furthermore, the company does not like the constant pressure from agent Raiola and for this reason could sell Insigne in January or next summer.

The Naples article , De Laurentiis: "Insigne e Raiola? The problem is theirs. Mertens? If you want to hustle in China … " seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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