Naples, De Laurentiis: “I tried to take Allegri before Gattuso”

ROME – Aurelio De Laurentiis gave a suggestive background after his Napoli's victory in the Italian Cup.

"Before calling Gattuso, I called Allegri with whom I have had a direct and esteemed relationship for years," the president told Corriere dello Sport .

“When I phoned him he was honest and said to me: 'Aurelio, I stand still, I need it, there is no absolute foreclosure, because you have carried out an extraordinary project.

And then the two of us love each other. But I decided to stay a little quiet, "he added.

Then the call to Gattuso : "I called Rino, as expected, and he came to Rome: and now here we are."

With the former Milan De Laurentiis he reveals that a great feeling was born immediately: "We took immediately, it had an immediate effect on this team which is very strong for me".

I am not saying it today, I am not even saying it: it is the field that supports it.

We have been anti-Juventus in these years, for what we have won and for what we risked winning ”.

And on the renewal of Gattuso's contract, the president of Napoli concludes.

“We already met before the race, we chatted as usual. We will have no problem converging our ideas ". (source SPORT COURIER)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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