Mourinho peeks at Southampton’s notes: “I was rude, but with an idiot”

José Mourinho, Ansa

José Mourinho (Ansa archive photo)

ROME – Mourinho loses with his Tottenham (0-1 away against Southampton) but still manages to get talked about.

At 78 ', evidently frustrated by the 1-0 in favor of the opponents, the Tottenham coach, who entered the race this year taking the place of Pochettino, approached the Southampton bench to peek through the notes of the rival staff. A sort of provocation that cost the Special One the yellow card. "I deserved the warning because I was rude – said Mourinho then at the end of the race – but I was with an idiot".

“The game was not an easy one – the Portuguese said – the ballboys were very well trained in wasting time. And after Kane's injury we played the last 15 minutes without a recognized striker and that made it even more difficult. "

Yellow card or not, for Tottenham the situation in the standings remains complicated. Mou's team is currently sixth in the standings with 30 points. Six points from Chelsea. Less than 14 points from Manchester City. In the lead, with ten points on Leicester, there is always Klopp's Liverpool who continues to boast an impressive roadmap: all victories and one draw. Liverpool which, remember, has two games less than its rivals.

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