Mourinho in tears: “I miss football. I don’t enjoy my free time ”VIDEO

Mourinho lacrime video YouTube calcio mi manca

Mourinho in tears during an interview with Sky Sport because he misses the world of football (from YouTube)

LONDON – Despite being a millionaire, Mourinho cannot enjoy his free time because he lacks the world of football terribly. The Special One fails to stay still and wants to get back to training as soon as possible to add more trophies to its already very rich bulletin board.

Mourinho is in a hurry to return to coaching but is also looking for a right bench to re-launch at the highest levels. During this time, without a team, he turned down offers from Benfica and a Chinese club because he would like to return to coach a top-level club. This was revealed by former Inter coach himself during an exclusive interview with Sky Sport microphones.

José Mourinho continues to look for a new team with which he can start again. After the exemption, in December, from Manchester United, the Portuguese coach said no to several offers, among others to Benfica and a Chinese club and awaits the "right" offer: "I have time to think and rethink. Free time? I'm not happy enough to have fun, I have the fire inside, "explained the 'Special One' in an interview with Sky Sport. His statements are reported by Ansa.

"My friends tell me to enjoy my time and holidays, July, August, which I have rarely ever done, but I can't enjoy it. I miss my football, my commitment to myself, to the people who love me and the many fans I have for the world and to all those people I have inspired, "adds Mourinho, who excludes a commitment to a national team:" I don't wait two years for a European championship or two for a World Cup. I don't like living for a game a month or an office job, no, not yet.

The video from YouTube with José Mourinho bursting into tears during an interview because he misses the world of football (Ansa sources and Sky Sport).

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