Moscardelli, a tribute to De Rossi: he is tattooed DDR 16 on the FOTO leg

De Rossi tatuaggio Moscardelli foto Instagram

Moscardelli paid homage to De Rossi with this tattoo (photo from social media)

PISA – Davide Moscardelli , Pisa striker who is a big Roma fan, has decided to pay tribute to Daniele De Rossi with a tattoo. The striker of the Tuscan club has tattooed on his left calf the inscription "DDR 16", that is Daniele De Rossi with 16 which was his historic jersey number at Roma. But it does not end here, the same Moscardelli has made it clear through his stories Instagram that another tattoo is coming with the faces of Daniele De Rossi and Francesco Totti. In what part of the body? We still don't know …

Davide Moscardelli is 39 years old but still plays with the desire of a novice. During his long career he played in both Serie A and Serie B and Serie C for a total of 704 appearances with 217 goals. His best seasons were between 2010 and 2014 when he was able to play in Serie A with the Chievo Verona and Bologna jerseys. With Chievo Verona he scored ten goals in Serie A while with Bologna he managed to score only two by playing much less than in Verona.

The first declarations by Daniele De Rossi as a Boca Juniors player.

"I knew that Boca was a serious team, but after the first few days spent here in Buenos Aires, I am even more convinced of it and this leads me to do everything I can on the pitch to reciprocate the affection and enthusiasm they have for me. shown his fans ": these are the first words of Daniele De Rossi during the press conference in Buenos Aires as a" xeneize "footballer.
In a heavenly suit, alongside the club president, Daniel Angelici, he then began to answer questions from journalists (source: Ansa).

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Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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