Morgan De Sanctis new ds of Roma, that’s why Petrachi was dismissed

ROME – Revolution in the Roma technical staff, Gianluca Petrachi was dismissed for his disagreements with James Pallotta.

In place of Petrachi, Morgan De Sanctis will be promoted as ds. The technical staff will instead be guided only by Guido Fienga .

Roma communicated Petrachi's removal with the following press note.

“Roma reports that Gianluca Petrachi has been suspended from his duties as Sporting Director with immediate effect.

The coach and the team will be led directly by Guido Fienga, CEO of the Club ".

Why did Rome choose Morgan De Sanctis by downloading Gianluca Petrachi?

But what exactly happened between Pallotta and Petrachi? Il Corriere dello Sport explains it to us.

First of all, it must be specified that the spark never struck between the two. Pallotta has always barely endured Petrachi.

Not so much for his choices on the transfer market, which however were not all happy, but above all for his releases in the press room.

The last one some time ago at Sky Sport, when he said he saw the players train badly (he spoke of little malice …).

Not the best statements a few days after the resumption of the championship. You have never heard a ds say these things in public about his players.

But that is not all. According to what Corriere dello Sport wrote, Petrachi would have definitively broken with Pallotta after the interview of the American patron to the official channels of the Giallorossi club.

In a nutshell, Pallotta had thanked all the managers except Petrachi. For this reason, according to what Corriere dello Sport wrote, Petrachi would have sent an offensive message to Pallotta definitively breaking their professional and private relationship.

The history of the message is only an indiscretion reported by the Corriere dello Sport but shortly after Roma made the break with Petrachi official.

Now De Sanctis will have to face a difficult situation and will need all the support of Fienga because there are to be dealt with the redemptions of different players.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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