Monza, since Berlusconi arrived, no longer wins

Monza, since Berlusconi arrived, no longer wins

Monza, since Berlusconi arrived, no longer wins

ROME – Yesterday there was not in the tribune to the Brianteo Berlusconi: maybe if he felt it, in any case to see Monza lose at home he sent his brother Paolo. Sitting next to Galliani and the exceptional guest Fabio Capello attended the umpteenth, the fifth, opaque test of the new football toy of His Emission. Yesterday the Teramo came to walk on the field of Monza, the goal of Caidi in the 17th has frozen result and meeting: the striker of the Monza Cori wrong and wrong he then got thrown out for foul reaction and frustration.

Despite the enthusiasm in the fifth attempt, victory remains a taboo. Too many excitement, did the Knight lose touch? Here it is already dreamed of the Monza Stadium instead of the old Brianteo, here it was really believed to a Kakà available to go down in series C, here we dream already the derby with Milan in the space of two years. The reality says that the home stadium is an impregnable fort but not for guests.

That the defeat comes after 3 to 0 immediately in Vicenza. Mitigating? Many, especially for the enormous expectations raised by the most successful president in history. Then the objective difficulty in finding the players that the president demands: well combed, shaved and without tattoos.

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