Monza, Cristian Brocchi new coach: “Berlusconi sends me …”

Monza, Cristian Brocchi new coach: "Berlusconi sends me ..."

Monza, Cristian Brocchi new coach: "Berlusconi sends me …" (Ansa)

MONZA – Cristian Brocchi's Monza will be inspired by the philosophy of Silvio Berlusconi: two points in the field, a relentless pursuit of the good game and Grandeur ambition of the Serie C, with the declared aim of the promotion. The technician, freshly shaved and well dressed as the patron likes, however, appears rather angry for the nomeaty affibbiatagli of "coconut of Berlusconi", a heavy burden to carry at the dawn of a new adventure.

"If too much has been said about it, the merits count. His esteem and his consideration earned me. Yesterday the president called me: he told me he is very happy to come back to work together. For me – emphasizes Brocchi, with a clear reference to the Milan experience – it is a beautiful test of esteem, it is the resumption of what we left in another moment, of a job where I showed good things ".

The theme of the link between coach and patron is thorny. At Galliani, sided by his side as a sailed executive, he then hopes to claim the paternity of the double choice to exonerate his predecessor, Marco Zaffaroni, after 5 races without victories and to entrust the bench to Brocchi: "It is not the coconut of Berlusconi, nor of nobody. I chose it, obviously with the approval of the president. I would like to remind everyone that even a certain Fabio Capello had been pointed out as a coconut by Berlusconi in 1991 and then he won everything ".

For Galliani it is impossible to forget the 31 years of Milan, so as to fall into a Freudian lapsus and reverse the name of the two teams: "On the other hand I have been to Milan and a fan of Monza, now I'm at Monza and Milan fan and I confuse my roles ". Galliani returns seriously, asks for a shock and summons the fans, announcing "a 50% discount" on ticket prices and remembering "important investments" to bring the capacity of the Brianteo to 7,500 seats.

He does not even deny being ready to move on the January market to strengthen the team: Fossati has already been booked from Verona, already added to the team. Brocchi, who in the afternoon directed the first training, unveils his manifesto to try to reverse the route and improve the tenth place in the standings: "I'll have to bring serenity in the locker room, I want to impose a winning mentality through the game. We have all the qualities to do well, but we are in many teams to aim for the promotion in Serie B. It will not be easy, we coaches are evaluated on the results ".

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