Montella attacks Mertens: “He simulated. If he had done Church … “VIDEO

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Fiorentina-Napoli, Vincenzo Montella's disappointment with regard to Massa arbitration (photo Ansa)

FLORENCE – A few hours after the end of Fiorentina-Napoli, the controversy over Massa's arbitration and the simulation of Mertens, which was decisive for the assignment of the penalty kick to Napoli, continues. "I'm sorry because we didn't deserve it, for so many episodes. Why do we have to complicate our lives? At the end of the first half there is a Mertens simulation episode, but why don't they go see it? I never want to hear anyone say that Church is a simulator. It is not, now it's enough ": so the coach of Fiorentina, Vincenzo Montella, comments on the ko with Napoli.

"Florence is a difficult field, a hostile environment. After ninety minutes of insults I invited the people who made them to me to go home, which was now.
Receiving insults is not pleasant, unfortunately there are so many ignorant and sorry ". This is how the coach of Napoli, Carlo Ancelotti, plays on Sky Sport. "The start of the game was difficult, we were a little late in pressing, but we were good at management. These are three important points. We took three goals, but we made four of them on the road. If we need an attacker? No, maybe a defender ".
As for the ambitions of the Neapolitans, the coach reiterates that "this team can win. He is strong and even in a bad start he showed great offensive qualities. The four have bothered us and we have to take this responsibility. We insist on what we are doing. In training the team gives me satisfaction like few others ".

"Lozano can play right, behind the tip, even as a center forward and sometimes to the left. We were interested in him because we like complete players. We don't want specialists, it's a striker but unpredictable, "says Carlo Ancelotti. "Lozano – he explains – did not come to Florence, he must train and solve bureaucratic issues, we will have it from the Turin race. Even Milik remained in Naples, because he trained little since August. He still has trouble today ".

Speaking of Milik, Ancelotti explained that he had spoken to the Polish about Naples's intention to find another first tip: "I don't know if Milik feels particular pressure right now but the company has been trying to renew his contract, they are dealing, this means we want to keep it a long time. If he played somewhere else everyone would say 'at Napoli serve Milik' but we have it and we want to keep it "(sources Ansa and Sky Sport).

The video from YouTube with the statements by Vincenzo Montella on Fiorentina-Naples arbitration.

The Montella article attacks Mertens: "He simulated. If he had done Church … "VIDEO seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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